O Immaculate Lady,

Queen of Peace

and heavenly Prophetess
of the glorious coming of Christ,
we entrust ourselves to you.

Obtain for us the grace
to understand and live the Gospel
and your messages,
so that we may become
holy and living sacrifices
pleasing to God.

Mother Mary,
keep us ever close
to your Immaculate Heart
and surround us
with motherly love and protection.

Teach us to pray with our hearts,
to find our joy in the Lord,
and to prefer nothing to his will.

We love you, Blessed Mother,
and we thank you
for being with us always.

Lead us by the hand
until we see you
in the glory of heaven,
there to sing with you
the eternal praises
of the Father, the Son,
and the Holy Spirit.


Abbot Joseph