I don’t need to confess to a priest. I’ll just tell my sins directly to God.

Enjoy! If it feels good, do it!
I did it
my way.
I’m as good as you are [you’re just as bad as I am].
religions are the same. There are many different roads to Heaven.
I accept alternative lifestyles. We mustn’t be judgmental or intolerant of how others live.
Live and let live. Mind your own business.
The Ten Commandments are just guidelines. Ordinary people can’t live up to them.
Just do the best you can. God loves us just the way we are.
Society is to blame for all of our troubles.
The only true virtues are tolerance, nonjudgmentalism and compassion.
Our merciful and loving God would never condemn anyone to Hell.
The concepts of ‘sin’ and ‘guilt’ are outmoded.
You have no right to foist your morality off on me.
My individual conscience is my guide.
I have my rights!


1931 - The Federal Council of Churches (now the National Council of Churches) begins the process of moral disintegration
by following the example of the Anglican's 1930 Lambeth Conference and approving contraception for just the ‘hard cases’.
1960 - American society begins to come apart as the ‘me generation’ assumes control.
The oral ‘contraceptive’ pill is widely distributed.
The ‘Sexual Revolution’ begins in earnest.
1968 - Contraception becomes widespread after the United States Supreme Court's 1965 Griswold decision.
Some states allow abortion - for just the ‘hard cases’ - to save the life of the mother and for rape and incest.
1970 - Drug use, child abuse, and crime rates escalate rapidly.
There is systematic suppression and ridicule of conservative religious views by anti-life groups and the media.
Mainline Protestant churches succumb to anti-life infiltration and subversion.
1973 - Supreme Court allows abortion for any reason through birth in all states.
North American Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) founded.
Forced funding for abortions.
1975 - Several states reluctantly end their programs of involuntary sterilization of tens of thousands of mentally handicapped men and women.
1976 - Passive adult euthanasia first upheld by the courts [Karen Quinlan].
1982 - Direct infanticide first upheld by the courts [Baby Doe of Bloomington, Indiana].
1985 - Food and water withdrawal from handicapped newborns widespread; more than 2,000 cases per year are estimated.
1987 – ‘Bioethicists’ deem fetal organ harvesting acceptable.
Organs harvested from live anencephalic newborn infants.
Abortion for sex selection becomes popular.
Satanic ‘breeders’ exposed (infants grown for ritual sacrifice to Satan).
United States pharmaceutical corporations test Norplant, Depo- Provera and other abortifacients on third-world women.
1988 - Sale of live foreign babies to the USA for ‘spare parts’.
Some euthanasia groups see the comatose as ‘organ farms’, and begin calling them ‘neomorts’.
1995 - All pro-abortion groups vigorously defend the gruesome and inhumane partial birth abortion procedure done to deliver infants alive for organ
harvesting. Widespread abuses by US-funded population control programs are exposed.
SOON - Nursing homes ‘cleaned out’ as in Holland.
Widespread mandatory euthanasia of the sick, mentally handicapped, and socially unfit.
Eventually: genocide and anarchy.


1913 - Margaret Sanger founds the American Birth Control League (ABCL, later known as the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA)).
1921 - The ABCL advocates eugenics to eliminate ‘human weeds’.
1930 - Anglican Lambeth Conference okays contraception for ‘just the hard cases’.
1934 - The Nazi euthanasia program is launched by doctors who have accepted the eugenicist philosophy of American thinkers.
1950 - Extensive eugenic sterilization of the ‘unfit’ in developing countries and in the United States.
1955 - Establishment of officially atheistic states such as Albania and the People's Republic of China.
1973 -Widespread fetal experimentation and research conducted on living aborted babies in the West.
1978 - Dutch nursing homes ‘cleaned out’ by euthanasia advocates; 100,000 estimated killed in 15 years.
1980 - All but two developed countries slip under population replacement levels.
1983 - Aborted preborn babies used in French cosmetics at Madame Renee Ibry's Henri Chacon Centre.
1985 - Initial development of the RU-486 abortion pill.
55 million surgical abortions annually worldwide and at least four times as many more caused by abortifacient ‘contraceptives’.
1986 - Forced third-trimester abortions and forced sterilizations in China exposed.
Pro-abortion groups in the United States voice their approval of this program.
1987 - Abortion advocated by East Germans to enhance athletic performance.
1996 - Third trimester D&X (partial birth) abortion for convenience vigorously defended by pro-abortion groups.
All developing countries except Albania drop under birth replacement rate.
For the first time since the Black Plague (1350), the population of an entire continent (Europe) begins to crash.
SOON - Disintegrating respect for larger and larger groups of people.
Respect for human life continues to decline to the unknown and unseen ‘flash point’ where there can be no turning back - what then?