To Our Dear Mother

As we honor you today Mother, we want you to know
how very much we appreciate you
and everything that you have done for us.

We are aware of the sacrifices you made for us
and of how very much you deprived yourself,
for at the moment that you gave us life
you gave us your life too.

We know that at times your motherly heart was sorrowed,
sometimes because of us, sometimes for us.

You were always there to heal our wounds,
those of the flesh or of the heart.

You were always there to teach, to correct,
to nurture and to encourage.

We learned so very much from you.
Most important we learned to love.

We know of no gift greater than the one we give to you today,
the return of all the love you carried in your heart for us
throughout all of our lives.

We thank you for your motherly love and care,
for all that you have given us,
for all that you have taught us,
for all of your sacrifices.

Most especially we thank you for teaching us about God
from Whom all your love comes.
And we thank God for giving us you.

We pray that your life be filled with God’s blessings and peace.

We love and cherish you Mother and wish you a very

Happy Birthday!