O my most loving Triune God,

I love You as my Life, my Hope and my Salvation.

I adore You as the Author of my being.

I desire You as my End.

I praise You as my Perpetual Benefactor.

I invoke You as my Sovereign Protector.

I worship You as my Divine Master.

Direct me by your Wisdom.

Restrain me with your Justice.

Comfort me with your Clemency.

Protect me with your Power.

I consecrate to You my thoughts, that I may think of You,

my words, that I may speak of You,

my actions, that they may be according to your Will,

my sufferings, for your greater Glory.

I beg your Pardon for my faults.

Strengthen me with your Grace and keep me from falling.

Come and take Possession of my heart.

Live and Reign in it making it wholly yours.

Fill it with your Love, Mercy and Peace.


an adaptation