Remembering Diane 
March 25, 1944 ~ May 27, 1999

This gentle lady radiated love. She gave her love unconditionally to one and all and she cherished the love returned to her by family and friends.

Her influence in our lives has been dramatic. The supernatural love she possessed made a supernatural difference in our lives. Regardless of our personal relationship, she was to us above all a glowing Christian, a true disciple of Christ Jesus. She had a vocation to the Beatitudes, which are at the heart of Jesus’ preaching. Thus her actions and attitudes were characteristic of the Christian life. By the image of God shining forth in her we learned by word and example how we too could be Christ’s disciples. We learned how to love God and our neighbors, to share, to sacrifice, to do good and avoid evil, to be pure and chaste, to offer our sufferings, to know our guardian angles, to live in the supernatural, to strive for supernatural grace and holiness, and to be devoted to our Blessed Mother Mary who intercedes on our behalf and helps us in all these things.

Blessed are we whose lives Diane touched for she has not left us empty; but rather full of memories, lessons, and examples.

Diane loved Jesus and Mary so much that she longed to shout it from a mountaintop. She has reached the mountaintop. Listen carefully and in the silence of your heart receive the love of and for Jesus and Mary, which she proclaims. Carry that love with you always; all the way to the mountaintop.

We love you Diane beyond our ability to relate. We ask Archangel Gabriel to announce to you the magnitude of love and emotion that we carry in our hearts. We thank you for all that you have taught us through word and example. And while we await that most glorious of family reunions to come we ask that you intercede for us in prayer that we might come to lead lives of exemplary holiness.